…because I never stop humming/singing/whistling. I really just can’t stop. Ever. Everything I hear reminds me of a song. I must annoy my family SO MUCH, hahaha.

So what are your favorite songs?

I like this one:

ok I’m done, hahaha, sorry.

So tonight, I’m singing in my church’s Savior oratorio, which is going to be amazing!! We’ve been practicing for a few months now, and I’ve got to say, it’s the best musical *presentation* that we’ve ever done, and I CANNOT WAIT. Before that I’m going to hang out at my friend’s house, and before THAT I’m going to volunteer at the hospital…this is going to be a good day :] Which is nice, because these past few weeks haven’t been the greatest.

OH! I finished the newest Artemis Fowl book yesterday – I can’t decide if I like Eternity Code or this one best – but those are my two favorites! The plots are just genius :]

I got Harry, a History yesterday, and it’s REALLY exceeding my expectations! It’s extremely hard to put down.

My blogs have kind of been deteriorating haven’t they :[ . I’ll try and step it up tomorrow :]