I spent the day as a third wheel, but that was ok. I’m good friends with both of them, and it’s great – but I can’t help but wish for…someone.

We played games, walked to Starbucks, talked…

I have to write this quickly because she’s telling him goodbye and this is the only free moment I’ll have today – but I love days like this :] I love having friends that I can hang out with to the point where there’s nothing to talk about – but it’s not awkward :D

OH MAN! So I’m one of those freakishly white people, and I got REAAAALLLLLY sunburned today. Like lobster sunburned. But JUST on my shoulders and up…and I don’t understand that at all. Is that the most sun-sensitive place on the body or something?

We were talking about the differences between talents and skills, which was interesting. We decided that skills = something you work at to become good at it, and talents = something you don’t have to work at. Cameron said he hated doing things that he wasn’t good at, so he wouldn’t do them…and Audrianna and I argued that if he just worked at it for awhile he WOULD be good at it…idk. Thoughts?

Tomorrow is Easter! I can’t believe it! Yesterday’s performance went really well, but tomorrow should be better – exciting!

Well, I hope this is long enough to qualify for a blog, because she’s coming inside :]


P.S. Thank you SO MUCH for all the lovely comments! I appreciate every one of them! I’ll try to make more of an effort to blog next week :P