I’ve got a weird flu type thing. It’s beautiful. RIGHT before prom. RIGHT after I found the perfect dress yesterday for TEN DOLLARS.

I’d better get better before Saturday. Just sayin, I might be throwing a huge fit otherwise.

Not that I’m usually that *babyish*, but it’s my senior year…I’m not missing this.

So I’m ready for graduation as well! I can’t wait.

Oh it’s going to be another random blog, I can tell.

Wondering how I’m going to plan a bridal shower from Chicago.

Hoping I can make it to the after school program today, cause I have the name tags for about seventy kids…

Learning how to drive a stick-shift. May I just say that if you’re trying to start, do NOT accidentally shift into third instead of first FIVE TIMES in a row, because not only will it kill it EVERY time, it will also hurt the engine.

I had such a great night last night, talked to my best friend for like an hour. Realized that we don’t ever really stop conversations, we overlap. And I realized that’s why I interrupt everyone else.

My other best friend isn’t back from Chicago yet (sad face!!) or if she is, I haven’t talked to her yet. Sigh!

Speaking of that friend, she’s in the play Pride and Prejudice at her school this Friday, and I can’t wait!

I have two other best friends, haha, Are any of you like that? I have FOUR best friends. I couldn’t put one over the other, and they’re all in my closest circle. Do you know what I mean? Do you have just one best friend, or more?

I finished Harry, A History last night, and it was almost as devastating as finishing book 7 all over again!

I just had dejevu (SPELLING?!) about something that wasn’t even happening now. That isn’t supposed to happen…

Do you guys know (without googling it!) approx how many balloons it would take to lift you off the ground? Juuust a little trivia for you.

Alright. I have to go get ready.