“It’s always in the last place you look” has always seemed such a stupid phrase to me. OF COURSE it’s going to be in the last place you look – you don’t keep looking for something you found! You ALWAYS find it in the last place you look (if you find it at all, that is).

Anyway, today I found my mp3 player that had been lost for a couple weeks – THANK YOU GOD, I cannot live without music.

Lately I’ve lost a lot of things…my thumb drive, some photo albums, a couple shirts (all the ones I was planning to wear on a particular night, of course), a movie, a keychain, an extension cord…etc. I hate losing things. If I lose something, I will literally look for hours till I find it. Or till I don’t. But always for hours. And it eats away at you if you can’t find something! I’ll spend whole dreams looking for it in my sleep – and usually I’ll find it in my sleep, then wake up…worst feeling ever.

I remember I used to lose library books ALL the time. I always found them in the weirdest places. Once I found one in our car, once at the bottom of a sleeping bag…I caused a lot of fines, haha.

One time I was in St. Louis for my sweet sixteen birthday party with my two best friends, and we stayed up late watching a movie. I wear contacts (I’m pretty much blind without them) and so I decided to put my contact case right next to my bed so that when we were done with the movie, I wouldn’t have to get up to take them out. This all worked fine until I realized there was only one in the case the next morning. MOST HORRIBLE FEELING EVER. I couldn’t have really enjoyed anything without that contact, so me, my two friends, and my sister and Dad all crawled around for hours looking for it…and finally we found it. UNDER THE FREAKING COUCH! How in the WORLD it got there I still have no idea…

So, what’s the worst thing you ever lost? Did you ever find it?