Ah, and the final chapter comes to a close. We’ve come full circle – I feel almost exactly how I felt the day I started. Scared to death.

HOW WILL MY LIFE CONTINUE WITHOUT BEDA?! Without the assurance of lovely comments? Without the blatant form of procrastination that is scrolling through the Blogs section, looking for something interesting? Without BEDA buddies?! Without DAILY MAGICAL MAUREEN BLOGS?!

I had many idea for this last blog, but alas, none of them worked. I lack the creativity to come up with something interesting…so I’ve resorted to this.

TOP 10 REJECTED FINAL BEDA BLOG IDEAS (they’re just in the order I think of them, haha, not in order of importance)

10. The decision to buy a PC. Sorry guys…thanks for the advice, but when it came down to it I didn’t have the money for a Mac. *Sigh*

9. The awesome that is my beda buddies. But while we’re on that note…I LOVE YOU GUYS! Thanks for making beda amazing!!

8. All about my “other blog”. CLICK ME! I’m probably going to put these blogs up there, and update semi-frequently. =P Probably going to take a break for a little while, though…

7. THE HORRIDNESS WHICH WAS LOST LAST NIGHT! I’m not going to spoil it for you if you haven’t seen it…but…I was in tears by the end. I’m beginning to get frustrated with LOST. Everyone is acting so strangely. I haven’t gotten used to “the new” Jack or Locke yet.

6. How I’m graduating in JUST OVER A WEEK and how INSANE that is!

5. The annoying feeling of seeing a guy you used to like with one of your friends. It’s not painful…just…annoying. You know what I mean?

4. ABOUT THAT ONE TIME WHEN I DISCOVERED WHERE ‘OLD PEOPLE SMELL’ COMES FROM. You’ll never know, now. Actually, I think I blogged about it on my other blog…but I’ll probably put it in my next one, regardless.

3. Monkey bread. As in I made some last night. As in I told my little sister she could have some this morning and she said “EWW! Sounds GROSS!” Made me laugh, cause I haven’t thought of “Monkey” bread in the literally terms for a long time.

2. Top Ten Rejected Daily Activities for April

1. Signs You Blogged Every Day April

If you want to steal any of those last two ideas I’d love to see them, hahah. Feel free to make an abridged list in the comments :]

So yeah. This is the last one.

It’s been fun!

Keep in touch :]