I watched the majority of Les Misérables yesterday and…I cried a lot. Has to be one of the best musicals EVER!

(*My favorite songs are embedded at the bottom*) :]

Today I’m going to do my best to be productive…HAH. Let’s hope. Haha. I’m such a procrastinator! But there is something so satisfying about getting things done RIGHT away. I’ve already done this some today, and I feel as if I’ve accomplished a lot. …whether or not I have is debatable, hahah, but still. I feel pretty good.

Since I’m homeschooled I sort of control my education – or at least to a greater extent than I would if I went to school. My Dad has been assigning me a lot of books to read, and I have had the normal subjects in the normal grades of course, but I sort of combined my Sophomore and Junior years, so I have a lot more free time this year. Anyway, so I’ve taken off way too many days, and I’ve taken WAY too many days off of Consumer Math…so now I have to double up…or maybe triple up. I haven’t figured it out yet. But. Yeah. Not good. Sometimes I wish I just went to school like any ordinary person…and then I remember I can sleep in. And I’m ok. Hahahah, sorry, wasn’t trying to rub it in your faces there or anything. That came off as more than a little snobbish.

OH! The creepy similarities between Alex’s life and mine have continued – he talked about clearing his Google Reader and YouTube subscriptions (*Twilight Zone music starts playing* (*PROOF http://nerimon.diaryland.com/2502.html *).

Ok, I’ve got to go do Math, but I’m going to embed all of Eponine’s songs in order…just in case you’ve forgotten. It’s A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

Ahhhhh that’s where I cried. So sad.