I almost forgot to blog today!!! I have thirty minutes. WHEW! That was close.

So today I mostly did school, then went shopping for a prom dress.

OH dear.

We looked at about five places, and I didn’t find anything. It’s as if everything good has already been taken (at least the stuff that’s in my parent’s price range XD). So, prom is this weekend. Yeah. I’m getting scared.

I’m almost done with Harry, A History. Still amazing.

OH. Goodness. So, I got a call from THE BOSS OF THE PLACE I’M GOING TO (*PROBABLY*) WORK FOR. And he thinks I’m perfect for the job…and they want me in Chicago as soon as possible. *falls over and dies*. Yeah. I’m having a hard time believing this is happening. For those who are wondering, it’s a job at a Christian ministry, *probably* involving graphic arts. From there I have several opportunities – going overseas…other things that I don’t have time to get into, haha, cause time is TICKING!

Ok, so much for me stepping up the blog this week. Tomorrow?