I sat on my porch swing reading today – it was the first truly warm day, hitting almost 80. I love Missouri so much. I don’t think I could live somewhere that has a consistent temperature. Missouri has a perfect winter, spring, summer, and fall. I get to experience every season fully, and I love that – I love change. I was getting so sick of winter!!

Anyway, while I was reading on my swing, the various lawn instruments, cars, etc calmed. It was as if a switch came on for my senses – I heard the birds, felt the sun, smelled the falling blossoms…it was beautiful. I just had to lie down on the swing and absorb it all. I love moments like that. You realize how beautiful and perfect the world really is, how much you take it for granted.

I haven’t had the best couple of months, so that was a nice reset-button moment. I feel like I can take all the waiting and boredom and incessant failings for another few weeks at least…and then…GRADUATION! THANK GOD!

The sad things about me is I LOVE nature, but I usually decide to just stay inside where all of my comforts are! I need to start spending more time outside. Especially before I go to Chicago where I won’t have nearly as many opportunities to enjoy…anything. Hahahah, I love being pessimistic.

Do you guys listen to music while you write your blogs? I need to more often. Right now I’m listening to this song:

I LOVE Imogen Heap. She has a new album coming out pretty soon and I CANNOT wait. I think I respect her more than pretty much any musician. She’s a classically trained pianist, she writes, records, produces all her own music. It’s all unique, none of her songs sound the same…they’re all deep songs, songs you pretty much have to listen to over and over again to fully understand what she means – but you WANT to keep listening to it because it simply sounds so good!

Enough raving about Immi, though. On to the rest of my day…(ie, math. whee…)