I only have a little while to write this so I’m going to be quick.

Just one story: Yesterday at the after-school program, there was a girl, second or third grade. She asks “How old are you?”
“I’m 18.”
“REALLY? You look a lot younger.”
That wasn’t all, though. I mean, I’ve talked about the phenomena that is my Benjamen Button appearance, but THEN she proceeded to ask me “So do you have a kid?”
“What? No, no I don’t.”
“I guess that’s good.”
YOU GUESS THAT”S GOOD?! Are you serious? What has our world come to that she expects an 18 year old to have a kid! THEN she asked me this question:
“Do you have a boyfriend you want to marry?”
The whole table of K-3rd grade girls erupted in gasps of bemused shock.
“But you DO have a boyfriend, right?”
I shock my head.
“Have you EVER had a boyfriend?”
“No. I’m waiting until I’m old enough to marry the right one – I don’t want to have a lot of old boyfriends to explain to my husband.”
“Whoa.” was the general response.
This, as I said, from 6-9 year-olds.

That’s about it.

I’ve got to go eat dinner and then go to Pride and Prejudice.