So I had NO ideas for a blog today…and I just remembered that before BEDA I started a discussion about 30 ideas for 30 blogs JUST IN CASE I GOT STUCK.

My children, it IS GOOD to think ahead.

Anyway, the wonderful Rowan supplied this blog topic.

Plan out your dream roadtrip!

A. All of my friends would come. Or at least my three closest friends.

B. There would have to be MUCHO snack food involved, including, but not limited to:

1. Gobbstopeprs
2. White-Cheddar Cheese-itz
3. Chedder Chex Mix
4. Gummy bears/worms
5. Jelly Bellys

C. We would all pile up into my station wagon (yeah that’s right, my good ol’ ’91 Chevy station wagon, with a rear-facing backseat)

D. We’d probably go down to Sliver Dollar City (a theme park) in Branson (hahah, probably no one has even heard of it, but it’s amazing).

E. After that we’d probably just go home. haha. None of them are very adventurous. They’re pretty much all home-people. Besides, we all have pretty protective parents that would squirm at the idea of us going anywhere farther than the three hours or so hours it takes to get to Branson.

Ok but the other dream road trip I have is a little bit simpler.

A. Just drive. Anywhere. EVERYWHERE.

This would have to include learning how to drive a stick-shift, cause my “boat” (as I affectionately call it) has TERRIBLE gas millage.

Speaking of manual cars, though, I’ve been learning with my mom…and then Tuesday night I went to a graduation meeting with my dad, and afterwards he goes –

“Do you want to practice driving?”
“Sure…why not.” Me, thinking back to when I was 15, and HATED driving. Really…I had some bad experiences with a horrible Drivers Ed teacher.

He then stops in the parking lot of a park that’s about two minutes from my house. There’s a youth group sitting about a hundred feet from us, on blankets, singing. I switched places with my dad, pretty cool and calm, not too worried. I’d done this before after all, and it hadn’t gone too badly.

Famous last…*thoughts*.

I literally made that car PEEL out of the parking lot by PURE ACCIDENT. And then I killed it, right at the edge of the street. All I could think about was how all of those teens probably jerked there heads around, looking for the source of the sound…and then there’s the old 80’s style car, killed, at the edge of the road…it was incredibly ironic. Or at least it seemed so at the time, haha.

And then I remembered why I hated driving with my dad – I don’t handle being yelled at very well. Don’t get me wrong, my dad is a wonderful man…but when it comes to teaching, he has very little patience. When it comes to cars, he has next to no patience. And I learn by trial and error. Lots of error. I need to start building up a higher tolerance to yelling, but as for now I only have one reaction – crying. It’s embarrassing. But I can’t seem to help it. Tips? Comments?

Happy BEDAing :]