Two nights ago I unsubscribed from some youtubers and some bloggers, deleted my Twitter, etc, because I decided it was taking up too much time in my life and making me less productive.

Five minutes ago I read in Alex Day’s diaryland that he deleted his Twitter so that he could be more productive.

(*PROOF *)


Ahh hahah, and now you know that I couldn’t unsubscribe to Nerimon. It’s true…

Have you all seen Susan Boyle by now? Because she’s my hero. For a long time I’ve suspected American Idol of not taking good singers just because they weren’t attractive enough to be “Idols” – this gave me hope for humanity:

(*you’ll have to follow the link, embedding was disabled*)

I suppose you will want to know how prom went? Sigh. As I said, it’s just not my thing. Actually, if I’m perfectly honest, yesterday as a whole was one of the worst days EVER. Thank goodness bad days end. But I won’t go on about that, cause frankly it’s not worth it. I could stew over it in here, but it woudn’t make me feel any better about it – I’d rather just forget and move on!

If I have horrible spelling in this, I beg your pardon…I changed browsers and this one doesn’t have automatic spell-check! ARG! AH I give up, I’m switching to Firefox!

I was using Flock for awhile, which I would recommend – but I stopped using that…for…unknown reasons. Haha. I don’t remember now!

Oh my I get distracted easily.

Anyway, I think that’s pretty much all I have to say for today!