…has been the question of the day. My church had a joint open house for the seniors today, basically where you set out a bunch of photos and certificates so that people will give you money.

Or something like that.

Anyway, it was alright. I mean, it’s fun to see what other people have out, and I loved talking to my friends as always, but when it comes to “that question”, I hate telling people that I’m not going to college. Instantly their demeanor changes. Instantly they think I’m being lazy, or wasn’t responsible enough to get an application in, or simply think I’m not smart enough to go to college.

None of those are true. I mean, I would like to go to college eventually. Really, I would. In fact, I wouldn’t mind going right now! But, being a Christian, I think God is calling me to a ministry in Chicago, and, God willing, I’m going in a few months. I’m excited – I’ll be able to learn so many different things (I may be working in video editing, graphic design, manuscript editing…). Plus the people there are just AMAZING.

But it’s hard to explain that to people, even people at my church. Nowadays it’s INGRAINED into us that in order to be successful we MUST go to college…and I just don’t believe that. And before you go telling me that if I don’t go now, I never will, I’ll tell you that both of my sisters did this, and then both went on to get their Bachelors. So I know it can be done…but honestly? I don’t really care if I don’t ever get a degree. I wouldn’t mind going to college, but I’m not going to plan my life around it.

Sigh…anyways. There have been a lot of ellipses in this blog, haha.

But yeah, so everyone wrote notes to each other, you know, the ‘glad i knew you…don’t die anytime soon’ type of congratulatory notes. My friends wrote some hilarious/sweet ones. And traded “oh my word, don’t remember me by this note, I had NO CLUE what to write and I sound like an idiot!”

Ok, moving on, I just watched this VEDA video by Alex, and it was THE MOST AWESOME THING EVER. Watch it, and tell me what you pictured! It’s worth it!!


I feel HORRIBLE about the cube, because I pictured a HUGE cube, completely glass – clean, just standing there. I can understand how the glass is transparent, because I have a really difficult time concealing what I’m thinking/feeling. But I’m worried about how massive it is. Maybe it’s just a fluke…or maybe because I’ve been thinking so much about what I’m going to be doing next, and been lavished upon with all this graduation stuff, I’ve got myself on my mind. :/ I don’t like that.

The ladder was normal sized, one that stands on its own, metal and a little rusty. This makes since…while I love my friends very much, I’m not dependent on them. And, I’ve had a few problems with friends, so that makes sense that there would be a little rust.

The horse was chestnut (I have no clue how to interpret that!) and was on it’s own, near the ladder. OOO! Does that mean that my “lover” is one of my friends and I don’t know it?? Haha. I’m not using this as fortune telling or anything, lol, but who knows. And what’s funny is I pictured the horse kind of wandering around in the flowers…that makes me laugh. Makes perfect sense – I HAVE to marry someone who’s good with kids. It’s really high up there.

And finally, I pictured the storm really far away. Which makes sense. I’ve had dark times in my life like everyone else, but it’s never been too difficult. I’m sure the day will come when there’s a big storm…but right now my life is pretty peaceful.

AHhh I really want to hear what you guys pictured!! Either tell me in the comments, or maybe write you next blog about it…? :]