Really though, if I don’t find one today I’m going to have to wear last year’s dress, and that’s JUST NOT HAPPENING. It’s been incredibly insane this year.

I’m getting excited about graduation (less than a month to go! YES!) and I’m probably going to get a mac when/if I leave for Chicago. YEEEEEEESSS!

Ok, now for some more bloggy type speak.

Today I went with Darrell, another senior, and his mom and my mom (grammar fail, whatever) to check out how we’re going to decorate for prom. It was fun, but I re-realized something about myself. I don’t like to cause *trouble*. When the caretaker or whatever his title was asked if we wanted such-and-such I immediately agreed. It’s like when the waiter at a restaurant brings me the wrong dish – I don’t question it. I HATE causing any kinds of problems.

But that’s not always GOOD. It’s good to stick up for yourself and receive what you asked for. Obviously this can be taken too far, but there’s nothing wrong with getting what you wanted…just so long as it’s not above what’s…respectable. It’s a balance.

Everything is a balance.

Mmk, off to go shopping.