The random post: beware – boredom may ensue

There is no reason for that title other than a line something similar to it was in Harry, A History (I STILL HATE TO PUT THAT BOOK DOWN!!)

Easter was good :] I really have nothing further to say on the topic. How about you guys?

Why are sunburns so itchy? I keep forgetting I’m burned and scratch my shoulders. PAIN!

Someone told me I looked like I was about to cry right before I sang my solo today. WHAT?! I have no idea…

My sister’s fiance was over for Easter dinner today – now he’s out with my parents looking at houses.

Why is my calendar still on February?

My sister left a stuffed penguin on my bed, and it’s unintentionally doing a yoga pose.

No one comes back for the evening service at my church on Easter. Depressing.

I have to wear a blouse and a black skirt for the oratorio, and it felt dismal.

I love listening to the rain outside my window :]

I’ve discovered that I’m horrible at curling my hair…but I’m sick of straightening my it. Hmmm…

I loved Maureen’s writing post! And PostSecret’s secrets were great today.

Shoes aren’t my thing. I have lots of flip-flops, but just one pair of flats and one pair of heels.

Napping sounds really great right now!

What are you supposed to call this singular thing? A blog, a post, etc?

My laptop is literally held together with duck tape. Part of me wants it to die soon so I can get a macbook with graduation money =P

I’m going to go now :]