(*as ‘hinted’ at in the title, this is about LOST fans and YouTube…this WILL be boring to fans of neither :] )

I’ve been a fan of Seanie B’s LOST video recaps on YouTube for…well, pretty much since he started. I was confused why he hadn’t posted a video lately, so I went my subscription page…clicked on his name, and:

“This account has been suspended”

At first I just thought maybe ABC had made a claim on the pictures he was using or something, so I went to his website, figuring the videos would be there. Nope, they were taken off. On to the forums I went. On the forums, I found this:

THIS DISTURBS ME GREATLY! I went to longlivelocke.blogspot.com hoping it would be a joke, or something to bring more attention to the videos, SOMETHING. But no, apparently Seanie B has been stealing written recaps and photos from other writers.

What made it worse, on E’s (the blogger stolen from) post about the scandal, the people defending Sean were leaving comments like this:

“yea it sucks that he stole your words, but what really sucks is that his videos are all gone now…I’ve been watching his vids for a couple years now…they are excellent…I do read blogs sometimes and I figured Seanie B was basically summarizing the best content on the net…I never thought he was coming up with the stuff on his own…I just thought he was really good at filtering all the stuff out there and condensing it into an entertaining video…This is a video about a TV show…come on…it’s not like this is some stolen lab data for a cure for cancer…it’s a TV show…this is the internet…it’s 2009…give me a break…accept an apology from Seanie…and let’s get his videos back up! They are awesome and he is great at putting them together each week” (anonymous commenter)

and this:

“I’m sorry, but I think Seanies video’s are waaaaay better than this lump of boring rubbish. From my point of view, he compresses all this into a fun 20 min video. Much better than having to trawl through all this.” (another anonymous commenter)

and even this…monstrosity:

“I think your just mad cause seanie b did a better job with your product then u did his web side is way better you don’t have any Pic’s, clips or anything all u do is write put some clips on your sitke
Your site is lame get over it an leave seanie b alone u should hire home to fix your web site

YOUR JUST JELLY” (yet another ‘anonymous commenter’)

Way to give YouTube a horrible reputation, guys. I read E’s Some Like it Hoth post, and it was EXCELLENT. I really enjoyed her insightful recap of the episode, her theories, and her clever humor (nothing like the forced *jokes* Seanie B stuck in). I’ll be reading her from now on, regardless of whether or not she, Sean, and the other writer stolen from work this out.

Needless to say, I promptly unsubscribed to Seanie B. I compel you all to do the same. This was out and out STEALING, plagiarizing an honest blogger’s work. WE are all bloggers. Let’s stick together and support her.

Sorry for the rant today. I just think this is important.