So now that I’m used to blogging…I CAN’T STOP!

First off, I MET A REAL LIFE NERDFIGHTER! Ok, I know you guys have no clue what that is, but just accept that IT WAS A BIG DEAL. I was standing in line at the library, and a girl next to me was asking “Do you have An Abundance of Katherines by John Green? I saw Paper Towns…but…” IMMEDIATELY my head turned. I contemplated asking, wheighing the odds…was it worth possibly sacrificing my reputation as…well, a SANE person?

Yes, yes it was.

“Excuse me…at the risk of sounding ridiculous, are you a Nerdfighter?”

There was a brief second where she just looked at me, and my heart went through my stomach. How in the WORLD was I going to explain this?

“Yes! Yes I am!”



Second, I saw an old friend in Payless, and it was awkward, as always. Of COURSE I have to look my worst on the day I see someone I know. OF COURSE.

Thirdly, I took Kaylin to gymnastics today. It was the weirdest thing…sometimes when I’m with her, I SERIOUSLY think like a mom. I don’t even know exactly how to describe it. It just hits me how *special* being a mom will be. It kinda reminds me when I finally realized I didn’t just want to be in a dating type relationship, I wanted to be MARRIED. Ok, not now, and I don’t want kids right now…but I finally GOT it. I can’t describe it anymore than that.

Fourthly, Michael Scott just said “I’m not someone to be truffled with”.

OK, I’m done :]