Well hello there blog. I’ve missed you.

Actually that’s a lie, I’ve been avoiding you. Please don’t be offended, I just dread writing nowadays. Now don’t cry! I promise I won’t abandon you anytime soon. I just needed a fresh start…and to get used to this new keyboard. I can’t type fast on this new keyboard, and it drives me crazy.

Ok I can’t keep that up, haha, I feel too creepy.

But I finally got back from Nashville! And it was FANTASTIC. It’s hard to explain to a non-ATI’er what the Nashville Conference is like. Think of crowds of large families in navy and white, boys with green shirts on, girls in burgundy. Imagine an older man holding a crowd’s attention for hours on end, with fascinating life experiences. Imagine a preacher so hilarious and passionate that you are within minutes laughing then crying. Imagine stepping out of each session with a fire raging inside of you to be…more. More like Christ, more filled with character, more at peace…’more ready’ to keep on going.

It’s a big let down to leave a conference like that, though. You leave on a high, but you know from all the other years that there are only a few resolutions you’ll keep. You know that you’ll have to go back to the “real world” and face the daily struggles that just don’t seem so difficult when you’re in the energy-filled environment.

Anyway…I’m going to make a much more concerted effort to memorize and meditate on the Bible, something I’ve never tried hard enough at. Also…as sad and humbling it is to say this, I’m going to work harder on getting my devotions SUBSTANTIAL and daily. It’s time…you know?

I’m also going to try to exercise for once, hahaha. Audrianna and I have plans to play tennis a lot :]

I feel like I have SO FAR to go…

“I tried to fly but my wings were broken…trying to reach you…””…all that I long for is all that you give” “when I feel so far” “I tried to fight but I’m my oponent”

Keep me in your prayers? :]