My roommate from a conference a few years ago just posted something amazing that I had to share – Audrianna, I highlighted a part for you that I thought was really interesting :]

“So do you want to hear how amazing God is?!

Let’s just say He is taking over my workplace. =)
When I first started working at Perkins in many ways it was like entering Satan’s very own playground. On the surface, Perkins seems like a happy go lucky pancake house. I was excited to fulfill my little girl fantasy of being a waitress like my big sisters were.

After working there less than an hour I discovered that there was way more to the job than delivering chicken strips with honey mustard sauce.

I usually work with a group of about 5 waitresses and 3 college age guys who do the cooking. I had always heard that people without Jesus were desperate, but I’d never seen it until now. To these girls, life is so empty. Their greatest excitement is to see which guy they’ll end up with that night, and how many swear words they can fit into the conversation.
It’s sickening.
And it breaks my heart.
If you know me well, you know I’m not a fan of confrontation. I love to be loved, and if people don’t like hurts..a lot.
I had no clue how I could possibly stay in the good graces of a group of catty girls and at the same time tell them about my Jesus without them totally rejecting me and think me a bible preaching freak. I love Jesus, but I wasn’t thrilled about being thought of as a freak.
Let me tell you- it’s taking Holy Spirit power, because I’ve been doing and saying things that I’d never do or say.
For one thing, I keep blurting out things about God! He is literally not letting me keep silent about His great works in my life.
For another thing, He is making me do small acts of kindness for the other girls that I would NEVER do.
Yesterday I found myself handing over the money I had made so far to one of the girls. I was just as shocked as she was! Let me tell you, Lennae Reidsema is not that nice. I know myself, and I don’t do things like that!
In the four weeks that I’ve worked there God has given me an opportunity to tell the girls I work with multiple times about His Salvation from their meaningless lives.
Although there are still some “bad days” the swearing has actually DECREASED. Every time someone swears I pray for their salvation, and it’s pretty much a catch-twenty-two for Satan. LOL

One particular girl named Maria has been on my heart constantly. She is only 24 years old, and she has a cute little daughter named Diana. I want to tell you the most beautiful story about her!
Last night our dish washing machine broke and I spent 3 hours up to my elbows washing dishes. Maria kept coming back to see how I was doing, and was continually shocked to see that I was still happy. (yea, the happiness was definitely not me…I hate washing dishes)
She started asking me about my family and remarked how much she wished she had a family. Her dad has been in prison since she was three years old, and her mother abandoned her and her sister. I could see the hurt in her eyes and watched her head fall, and shoulders cave in as she told me this. In that moment she seemed completely alone.
I turned around to look at her, wiping the suds off my hands as I asked, “Maria, does your little girl need a grandma?” I thought she was going to start crying as she nodded yes. Then I said, “and do you need a mama?”
She said, “Yes”, the tears, almost ready to flow.
“Well, baby,” I said, “You’re going to be my new sister.”
She smiled really big and said, “Will you be my friend too? I don’t have any of those.”

I cried the whole way home. =)

Maria is coming to my house this Thursday. I’m going to take pictures of her and her little girl, and she gets to meet her new ‘mother’.
Pray that she feels loved and accepted. Pray that she recognizes Jesus as the only solution to her desperate life.

You want to know how awesome my God is? He’s using ME…and He’s changing lives.

Pray for Maria and my other girls. I love them so much! I want to see their lives transformed for Jesus.
Pray for me though also…Whenever you have an impact there’s going to be temptations in your own life. I’m already starting to be faced with some stuff, and I know it’s only going to be worse.”