I had a marvelous conversation with a dear friend of mine tonight. Every once in awhile, usually somewhat late at night, we start talking about Heaven. These are no ordinary singing, harps, and clouds conversations. These discussions are about how far we can stretch our imaginations to try to BEGIN to understand how…AWESOME Heaven is going to be. (I literally sat for a minute trying to think up a word good enough to describe it, and I COULD NOT).

Every time I have “that” conversation with her, our daydreams become more and more…gleeful. There was a point when I literally SQUEALED with excitement about what could possibly be. …and yet, it’s STILL beyond what we could ever conceive.

How GREAT is our God?!

Just take a second and think about Heaven, right now. Think about what would make you the happiest in the world, and imagine being able to do it perfectly – without sin, in complete glory to God. Imagine being able to do things you never could, imagine talking to people who have done amazing things, imagine asking God a limitless amount of questions! Imagine joy, pure, unending JOY. Imagine finally being filled to overflowing with God’s love, and finally understanding the very depths of it!

We have a HOPE. We have THE HOPE. There is nothing more to fear. Hey death, where’s your sting now, huh? SYKE!