Thank goodness it’s finally healing.

So today was wonderful with just a few moments of exception…but I’d really like to NOT think about that right now :].

Sometimes I don’t really know why I have this blog. I have 162 posts…and a great majority of them aren’t anything worth reading.


Would you care for a sampling from my stream-of-consciousness about Del-Haven? It’s comprised mostly of inside jokes :P

…please excuse the excessive *haha’s*.



The first night it POURED, and I had to go out in the rain and close the shutters, hahah. I asked Mel to hold the light through the window for me so I could see, but I kept accidentally making her move because I would close the shutter she was at, hahah. Then Mel had to go to the bathroom, hahahaha, and so we were going to the bathroom – but I was getting wet! So I started running to the bathroom, BUT I DIDN’T” LET GO OF THE UMBRELLA, hahaha, so Melody had to run with me, and she lost her shoe!! She started screaming those very words, hahaha I LOST MY SHOE, like five times, but I kept dragging her on and we made it to the bathroom. We were SOAKED, haha.

The first morning, the boys told me that while they were eating breakfast, there was a little bit of a lull in the conversation, and so Raymond goes “I had ham for breakfast”. Just randomly, as if he was just bored with the previous conversation, hahah. And then, on the second night, Daniel said that quote again, and Billy looks at him dejectedly and says “You had ham for breakfast?! All I had was French Toast!”

During one of the meals, lunch I think, one of the boys goes to Cameron (on his lap) “I can see your scalp! It’s kinda pink.” And Melody responds “I can see yours from here.”

OH haha, we practiced my skit for AGES, and Billy had all these monologues about how Daniel was so stupid for liking the rules (see above quote) and then we took a break, it was the four skits people and Jake. And then, for no reason, all the guys start yelling random conversations stuff ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Cameron and Billy were behind the puppet thing, and I was playing the keyboard, Daniel was wearing his floaties and sitting to the side of the stage, Jake was standing by the first pew. Then, somebody says something that just makes everybody DIE laughing, and Mel and I just look at each other like WHAT THE HECK. And Cameron’s like, “I just realized that Daniel was just screaming gibberish – MY ANKLE MY ANKLE!” (he sprained it on the first day, poor guy) and then Jake said “I was yelling and screaming and then Billy stuck his head through the puppet stage and screamed “I HOPE I DIE!” and that was the funniest thing ever. OH, and after that, we all lay down in the pews and stuck our heads up going “WhoooP!” and then I started singing Barbara Manatee and everyone else popped up and sang the backup………and it was GREAT!

Then, the second night we met in the dining hall, with a table full of junk food. EVERYTHING made us laugh. Billy scared me SO BAD though, cause he kept laughing his “force out air slowly out with eyes squinted and shoulders hunched forward, leaning forward until everyone thinks I’m going to pass out from lack of air” laugh. FREAKED ME OUT. Hilarious though. And then we rehashed all our inside jokes…and it was all AMAZING.