Reasons Why I Think I’m Losing My Mind

10. I locked my keys in my car after watching fireworks
9. I locked my keys in my car THREE DAYS LATER after Bible Study
8. I’ve said/done some VERY ridiculous things
7. I’ve been pretty grumpy, and have been needing about 10 hours of sleep in order to feel rested
6. There was a point when I didn’t feel like calling my best friend – THIS IS NOT NORMAL.
5. I asked to play tennis. Actually ASKED. If you know me…yeah.
4. Waiter: “Have a nice meal!” Me: “YOU TOO!”
3. There are about five items I need to give people, and I’ve had about five opportunities to give those things…annnd I forgot.

2. I asked to meet a friend at a Starbucks approximately halfway between where we live. After thirty minutes of looking for it, I found out — IT WAS INSIDE A HY-VEE

and the number 1 reason why I think I’m losing my mind:


There is something genuinely and horribly wrong with me…and I hope it goes away. FAST.