So I had a drastically better day today, I’m sure you’ll be glad to hear.

Hopefully it will be a few weeks till I have another temper tantrum. ;]

As the title of this blog hints, I am LONGING for Christmas. This always happens at the end of Summer. I’m done with the heat, the swimming, too much free time (HAH), and general lackluster-ness (shush! I don’t care if that’s not what it’s supposed to mean, it SOUNDS right to me :P). Christmas is busy, everyone is more cheerful, and everything just seems to…sparkle. The snow sparkles, the decorations sparkle, and people…sparkle more (NO VAMPIRE JOKES).

I love the music, the fires in fireplaces, the warm sweaters, the SNOW, rosy cheeks, PRESENTS (be honest, you know you do too). I just can’t wait.

This doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy fall, I’m looking forward to that too…I simply tend to get ahead of myself. Ah well. Hot cider and rusty leaves are exciting too. I guess I can wait awhile for Christmas…