Today I had my third filling. Got to say, it was a much more relaxed than the first time. I was only numbed for one tooth — which hurt like crazy when they were numbing it, but once that was all over, I enjoyed having the feeling in my cheeks, lips, and ear. That was nice.


So I don’t have a whole lot to talk about, unfortunately. I’ve become a bit of an Emily Dickinson fanatic, however. There’s something about her poems that just resonates perfectly with me. For example:

It is an honorable thought,
   And makes one lift one’s hat,
As one encountered gentlefolk
   Upon a daily street,

That we’ve immortal place,
   Though pyramids decay,
And kingdoms, like the orchard,
   Flit russetly away.

I love her cadence and the meter of her poems. It’s just very simple and elegant, not overly pretentious.That’s been my new word of late, pretentious. It lives up to it’s definition. The problem is you can’t say it without being it. Haha.

That’s all for today. I’m absolutely starving and Kari’s fixed a wonderful dinner. So. Auf Wiedersehen.