Sorry the last post was so depressing. Unfortunately, this one is going to be just as mournful. Bear with me, I’m sure I’ll have something fun and interesting to talk about soon. :]

I’ve been convicted about a LOT of things lately. About how I don’t memorize and meditate on the Bible enough, about how I don’t pray enough. About how I don’t have much of a servant’s heart. About how I haven’t yielded my rights on certain issues. About sins that I’ve held onto even thought I know they’re wrong. About judging people. About not respecting my parents. About bitterness. About my general self-centeredness, and about gossip. There’s more…but I think you’ve been overwhelmed by my humanness/sinfulness enough, haha.

It really is overwhelming at times, realizing how long it takes to grow in your faith. As my facebook status so aptly described it last night, “sometimes I feel like I don’t even have the basics down”.

But there is no perfect chart of how a believer’s life should grow. We can’t compare our spiritual growth to anyone else’s! GOD is in charge of how we’re becoming more like Him, and it’s simply our job to follow what He reveals to us through His word…and parents…and pastors…and friends. Our growth won’t be like anyone else’s, and we won’t always be as advanced as other people are in certain areas! As much as I might wish I were…

I’ve been stretched and pushed and prodded a lot in the past couple years, and I’m so grateful for that! If I’m not feeling pain, then I’m not growing. I hope I’ve grown. I know I’m trying! But all I need to be concerned about is focusing on HIM, and loving Him! Everything, REALLY, EVERYTHING else will fall into place if we do that!!

So, I hope you’ll pray for me :] I try to pray for all of you as often as I think of you! That’s something else I’m trying to work on…

But I just want to encourage you all to keep seeking Him. Keep searching for more truth. Keep learning how to love Him more and more. And I’ll try to do the same :]