Every time I open my browser my “Blogger Dashboard” shows up, and every time I see it, I close it quickly to avoid the guilt of not updating this blog in…let’s see…about a month. Consistancy is not one of my strong points. Sorry.

A few weeks ago I was bragging to one of my friends about how I haven’t had any drama in my life for a significant length of time, and how this proved that once you graduated from highschool the drama just disapears.

My naiveté is endearing, is it not?

The past two weeks has been JAM PACKED full of drama which would be pointless to reiterate, as I’ve already spilled my guts to several different friends, and simply don’t…care anymore. Another friend of mine and I were talking about how the drama may not go away, but it isn’t as earth-shattering as it is when you’re 15. People like people. People don’t like people. People get angry and people move on. Such is life, people. Such is life.

Coming to terms with the fact that life and people stink sometimes is really freeing, though. And it really makes you appreciate the times that DON’T stink. It also forces you to get rid of petty grudges…and reminds you that it’s really not worth getting all worked up about things. Life carries on, and you should too. Don’t get caught up in the gossip, don’t try to get involved in other people’s problems just because it makes you feel important, just let things happen. If someone offends you, go to them! Don’t stew over it or make yourself a martyr, wallowing in self pity.

If this sounds offensive or preachy, I’m sorry…I’m talking to myself, haha. It takes me awhile to learn these lessons.

Anyway, I guess I’m saying that it’s not important that everyone around you is mature, it’s being mature yourself that takes the bite out of drama.

Now if you’ll excuse me…I’m going to go play with the remote-control jeep my little sister got for her birthday.

Shut up. It’s cool. :]