I’m updating TWO DAYS IN A ROW!? Crazy, I know.

Today I did something I wouldn’t recommend.  After brief comment my sister made at the dinner table last night, I googled Karin Hutson. I didn’t expect to find what I did. I expected to find something on GotQuestions.org, where Kari has written answers to many questions, specifically about Muslims. What I found was a list Evolutionist blogs ripping apart her essay “Evolution of Ethics” apart.

My first reaction, if I’m honest, was anger. Not anger that they disbelieved the content of the essay; of course they do! My anger was directed toward the hateful way they portrayed Kari herself. For example:

“This piece of unadulterated crap is the opening of a prize-winning but badly-researched essay by one Karin Hutson, “Evolution of Ethics: How Evolution Undermines Morality 101.” Replete with irrelevant Bible quotations and a bibliography whose only respectable contributor is John Horgan (who finds himself in company with the likes of Ken (Tyrannosaurs ate coconuts) Ham, Chuck (Watergate) Colson, and the whole crowd of Answers in Genesis liars), this piece of idiocy slanders generations of scientists and researchers without giving a single piece of evidence to make the case. Of course the “prize” in this case is a scholarship to Liberty University, so Karin probably deserves it. I personally hope that she wakes up soon, and realizes that the people who are bamboozling her are not her friends. But maybe she doesn’t care. What’s a whopper or two matter if the cause is lofty enough, right? Of course she and the people who gave her this “prize” end up looking like first-class idiots–but then, they’re probably used to that.” http://fakehistory.wordpress.com/category/christian/ (the last paragraph on the page)
When I stop and think about it, I shouldn’t be surprised at all. Jesus promised us that we would be hated by the world, and where is the animosity stronger than in the debate of Evolutionism vs. Creationism?
What the articles concreted in my mind, however, is that there is a belief in nearly everyone’s mind that they themselves are the only source of unbiased, uncomprimised truth. Everyone else is either stupid, deluded, or insane.
This is why I shake my (admittedly young, naive, inexperienced, 18-year-old) head at the all the debates, arguments, and biting commentaries people of differing beliefs have with those who oppose them. What good do these approaches have? They simply prod the other party to more firmly believe in their theory. 
My sister, however, Karin Hutson, presented the truth, as she understands it, in a clear, non-offensive, non-threatening way. It explains why what she believes and presents the evidence behind it.
The problem is that there is evidence to support nearly anything. And as unbiased as you say you are, what you believe in relation to science (or any matter) is almost certainly dependent on which side you are viewing it from. I’m not sure we can avoid viewing all of life through the lens of our belief system.
We all have belief systems, religious or not. And those belief systems dictate the way we see the world. I’m not suggesting we tear down these world views, I’m suggesting that we recognize that everyone is convinced of their beliefs, true or not. We need to address these individual beliefs and understand why a person believes what they do. Once we understand this, we can discern whether or not they are right or wrong. It’s possible to move on from there. But treating the symptoms is never going to solve the root problem. If we try to argue our case by making the other party look foolish, we succeed at nothing. If, however, we present our worldview and why we believe it’s truth, everything else falls into place.
The real debate should never be about Evolution and Creation. It should only be about believing in a God who loved you and sent His Son. Otherwise, Creationism could be about an alien creating the Earth!
Evolutionists are just as persuaded that they alone are correct as we Creationists are. And, what’s more, they always will be convinced of that fact so long as we exclusively attack Evolution. We are not called to preach that Evolution is wrong. We are called to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Everything else is a side issue that can be addressed later.
I think this applies to MANY things, not just issues of science. I think it applies to doctrinal debates within the church, and even arguments between friends.
Sigh. I’m done ranting for today, sorry for the break from my normal blog, hah. I just had to write that out, if only to understand it myself…knowing me, I’ll probably come back years from now and completely disagree with this, haha, but it’s how I feel right now.