I just started an entry about how I loved coffee…but the more I wrote, the more I sounded like an addict…so I decided to write something less incriminating.

I’ve discovered a LOT of new artists that I like recently, all due to the site  http:/www.lastfm.com/  . The list includes:

Sonya Kitchell
Kate Walsh
Mindy Smith
Catherine Feeny
The Weepies
Over the Rhine
Erin McKeown
Ray LaMontagne
Vienna Teng
Holly Brook
Patty Griffin
Derek Webb
Maria Taylor
Luara Gibson?
Rachael Yamagata
Sufjan Stevens
Brandi Carlile
Schuyler Fisk!!
The Innocence Mission
Leigh Nash
Nina Nastasia
Tristan Prettyman!!
William Fitzsimmons
Priscilla Ahn
Sandra McCracken
Ben Harper
AND THAT’S JUST FROM THE ROSIE THOMAS CHANNEL! My goodness. I’m so happy. I was getting stuck in a musical rut.
I’m getting really pumped for NaNoWriMo. I’ve planned much more than I did last year, which I’m really hoping will help me through the barren wasteland known as weeks two and three of NaNoWriMo, where you have no idea what’s supposed to get you to the end of the novel, and so try to weave the lyrics to John Mayer songs into the plot to eat up that looming word-count.
Actually, last year I literally GAVE UP two weeks into NaNo, then decided to do it again in the last week — so I’m pretty confident that no matter what happens, I’ll finish…
…and I’m telling you this so I’ll have absolutely no excuses to give up. Haha. I expect all of you to do anything neccessary to shame me into finishing.
Thank you in advance.
Alright. Time to go vacuum.