A few days ago, a dear friend and I (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, lol) got into a friendly argument about whether or not the poet Emily Dickinson was…loony. Haha.

She asked me if I’d read her biography, and I admitted that I’d never read a book about her (though I’m still not sure if that’s what she meant, or if she just meant a short bio about her life). Well, I still haven’t read an entire book, but I did some more researching (hush! it counts!), and I feel like I understand her and her work so much better now.

It’s interesting to me that certain people are given the constitution to bear “The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune”, and heal emotionally against the odds. Others, however, are crushed, only to go through the motions of life while always dwelling morbidly on death.

I couldn’t find any clear statement about whether or not Emily Dickinson, who appears to be in the latter group, was a Christian. Supposedly there was a point in time when she made a confession of faith at a revival, but “nothing came of it”? I’d like to research that more, but it’s strange that she would be so obsessed with death if she was a Christian. Having the hope and assurance of what happens after death should give one peace about it.

Still, it’s understandable that death occupied Ms. Dickinson’s mind so frequently, seeing as many of her loved ones died. I wonder how I would react to a life full of tragedies like hers. My 18 years have held few heartaches.

I’m sorry that when I blog like this, I don’t have my mind wrapped around everything. I’d love to have something clear and concise to share, but I use this blog to help me work through things in a somewhat logical way. It forces me to lay out my thoughts instead of just grasping at unformed bits and pieces until I get bored and move on to something less intellectually stressful, haha. Still, I never seem to come to any conclusion, or fully claim one side as my own.

Blah. Enough of this.

I’m super happy about being done with NaNo, although I’m horribly dissatisfied about the ending of my “novel”. That’s alright though, I can always edit it later. The point is that I finished. :]

Currently have a cold. Ugh. Colds are so frustrating. Usually, I don’t feel bad enough to want to stop doing things, but I don’t want to be a Typhoid Mary and spread it around everywhere, so I stay home. Sigh.

Loving Megan Spilker’s blog, as always. My ultimate role model, I think. Check her blog out, she’s so perfectly lovely!