Sitting here in the church office, feeling enormously guilty for being on the computer (though I’ve been assured that it’s alright).

I had a conversation with Pastor Borden earlier, though, that cracked me up, and I figured I should record it before I forget :P

Basically, Mrs. Simons wanted to use her desk to print out some lables for me to put on the Our Daily Bread devotionals, but Pastor had sat down at her desk before she could do this. She looked a little huffily at him, to which he replied “I’m commandeering this desk. Sorry.”

Going out on a limb, when she left, a befuddled expression on her face, I said “Whenever I hear that word, I immediately think of Pirates of the Caribbean.”

“That movie has some really funny quotes in it!” Pastor replies to me, “I love the one where he’s mocking her ‘Oh you must have it so hard, Jack, WELL I BLOODY WELL DO NOW!” and he CRACKED up like only Pastor can, haha.

I didn’t have the heart to tell him that in the UK, bloody is a PRETTY bad swear word, hahahah. I figure it’s harmless here, but still, it makes me…chortle (rarely used words FTW).

Plus, the fact that he’s watched those movies (PG-13! Blimey!) and my Dad won’t makes me smile.