Several good AND bad things have happened to me in the past few days.

Let’s start with the bad:

1. I have Ringworm from Haiti. (thanks, Hobbes :P) I may have spread it to several people. *sigh*
2. I ripped the side-mirror off of my car BACKING OUT OF THE GARAGE. *facepalm*
3. I didn’t get the part at the summer camp in Michigan
4. I threw up when I swallowed a vitamin without eating enough food.

Now the good:

1. I got my hair cut EXTREMELY short…and I LIKE it :)
2. I found a perfect pair of khakis and two cute shirts for DIRT cheap
3. I had an amazing afternoon with my sister — that was SO encouraging
4. I found out about an awesome ministry that just might turn into something PERFECT for me. And God answered my prayers about wondering which to do, Michigan or the new opportunity — it’s now much more clear, and I’m excited :)
5. My mom found good cream for the Ringworm, so it’s already feeling better.
6. The throwing up thing wasn’t that bad, and it was over quickly…in fact, I’d totally forgotten about it by tonight when I was trying to tell Mel why my day wasn’t so great, haha.
7. Hanging out with my friends, like tonight, is always so much fun :)
8. Even though Michigan didn’t work out, Charly, the music leader, was SO encouraging and sweet!

…another list….



1. Warm laundry
2. Perfect cups of tea
3. New music (The Bell and the Hammer)
4. Being caught off guard by my hair when I woke up this morning :P
5. “Don’t you know the meaning of propriety?!”


P.S. I promise I’ll do the Haiti blog soon!! :P