I miss writing. I miss it a lot.

It seems like I cannot multitask when it comes to literature. Either I am writing and trying not to spoil my voice by reading someone else’s, or I’m reading a lot and not writing.

This blog sort of counts, I suppose, but it’s not like the thrill of November when you know if you don’t write those 1,666 words the guilt monkeys will feed on your soul. Not to mention the crazy task of trying to catch up — it’s nearly impossible.


Last year that’s what I ended up doing, playing catch up…the WHOLE time. I would not write much for a few days, and then fill the air with the smell of slightly burnt coffee and the frantic “clickity clack” of the keyboard.

I’ve noticed this about myself in a lot of areas — if it’s not a short term goal, if there’s no pressure I have a hard time focusing. If there’s TOO MUCH to do, then I thrive. If I have free time, I procrastinate.

How do you guys get your work done? Do you prefer a relaxed atmosphere, or does pressure help you accomplish projects?