Last night I got back from River of Life Farm, a resort on a river about 5 1/2 hours from home, where I went to see if perhaps I’ll be working there. It’s BEAUTIFUL, first of all, and I really hit if off with the people who own it! But…there are several *hitches*, too, which would just be too hard to explain.

Anyway, I got a sense of what I would be doing — cleaning and working in the office, which was great! I got a tour of all the cabins, which are GORGEOUS. This one is one of my favorites :)

I’m still not sure whether or not I’ll be moving there, though, so please keep me in your prayers :) It could be a wonderful opportunity, or it could be something that would wear me out…we’ll see!

So…THE OLYMPICS STARTED! I’m waiting for it to come on right now, actually. …ok, well I was waiting for it to start, now it has, cause I got distracted reading Hannah and Audrianna’s blogs :)

It was really sad to hear about the Georgian luge man who died on a training run yesterday. The moment of silence during the Olympic ceremony was really touching. It’s not what you want to hear or see, someone dying during their dream. Life is so short. Am I ready??

I love the Opening Ceremony, though! I have a few comments on it, however, that I will express in BULLET POINTS, because I have a new found love for them :)

  • I always forget how many countries participate in the Olympics! It takes FOREVER for them all to enter.
  • I loved the choice of music: Both Sides Now is a song my mom used to play on the piano all the time, Hallelujah is a gorgeous song that I’ve loved for awhile now, and Sarah McLachlan is always brilliant.
  • OH, the boy flying to Both Sides Now? That was awesome. Is it just me, or is there always something involving cables and a boy/girl flying during the opening ceremonies? ALWAYS. Nothing wrong with that, it’s great. I just think it’s funny that every country does it.
  • What was with the girl singing the Olympic Hymn? I mean, I’m all for opera, but that was just crazy. And her HAIR! I was so angry Bob Costas didn’t say something about her hair — that would’ve made my NIGHT. He’s never been afraid to make fun of things….but unfortunately nothing was said about her exaggerated facial expressions, hand motions, OR her hair. Siiiigh.
  • I loved the modern dance with all of the people in civilian clothes!! I don’t think I would’ve appreciated it as much as I did if it weren’t for all of the years of watching Jessica dance :) It was awesome!
  • I really liked the slam poetry guy, too. It made me realize how little I know about the people of Canada. :/
  • It was PAINFUL, PAINFUL when the Olympic torch thing didn’t go up. I was so embarrassed for Canada, haha.

Man, I thought I would just have like three little things to say about it, then it all came pouring out, haha.

That’s all for now, I suppose. I promise I’ll try to update more often, though!! :)