Because it sounded like fun, and because I am obsessed with bullet points, I’m going to copy off of Hannah and list some of my current thoughts. Ready? Go.

  • I am drinking lemon tea…it is delicious
  • It’s close to a new season, thus the reset button to my brain is about to be pushed…this makes me HAPPY.
  • Guitar is becoming really fun now that I’m learning more chords, and picking and strumming patterns.
  • The urge to write is becoming irresistible. As SOON as I get a good idea…
  • Boys have me confused. *sigh*
  • I got an adorable dress today for $10! SHWEET.
  • OH, speaking of writing, I got some books filled with pictures for INSPIRATION.
  • I’m going to make some marvelous chicken tonight!
  • Melody assures me that Emma is on its way!!
  • Jack Johnson is THE MAN
  • I suppose that’s all for now :)

OK. Ok. Off to make dinner, then the Bible study…