I promise I haven’t forgotten you all or this blog! I have SEVEN drafts gathering dust, unworthy of your eyes. They’re just not up to par with what I would like to write. I feel like I’ve really let the quality of this blog slip. I feel like it’s becoming completely centered around ME and MY LIFE, which…wasn’t really the point of having a blog. I mean, at least I could make everything applicable to everyone else — instead it’s become a list of things I love or hate.

I don’t like that.

Hahahaha, I just realized that writing THIS particular entry is continuing the trend. WHATEVER. I’m going to try to change it from now on!

Oh, but this doesn’t mean I won’t talk about myself at all. It means that I want to be either meaningful, interesting, or at least ENTERTAINING. :P

But since I want to blog WELL, I might blog less often. Sorry! Quality over quantity?

In other news, I learned an AMAZING new word recently: Ennui! It describes how I’ve felt of late, and that’s all I want to say on the matter. :)