Just a short little story. I don’t feel like making it good, sorry, so ignore the blatant cliches and possible bad grammar. I’ve warned you in advance, don’t complain. :P

It all began on a partly cloudy day (an instant indicator that I am a pessimist, by the way) on the way from the hospital, volunteering with Jessica, to the library. This was supposed to be a short trip, just to pick up the holds and get some books for Kaylin. Nothing intense (and believe me, I HAVE been on intense library-runs. They DO exist).

We arrived, and Jess and I went our separate ways, eager to find the certain books, and baffled by the rearrangement of Adult Non-Fiction. After that was sorted out, though, I made my way to the kids section. In this we encounter —

Awkward Situation #1

There was a certain bespectacled, striped-sweatered lanky boy/man (you know…that awkward 19-22 something guy who you just don’t know how to address) librarian that was in my way. I politely stepped out of the aisle so he could make his way through, he said excuse me — no problem. The awkwardness is that it happened…two other times. And this is not some huge library, my friends (great, did I really just say “my friends”…?), OH, no, this is a two-aisle children’s section. Now, the second time you almost run into someone, it’s just funny, right? You laugh a little, move past each other, it’s all good. The third time, you’re both a little suspicious. There are cocked heads and raised eyebrows involved. It’s…


Immediately after I found the books my little sister wanted, I made my way to the check-out desk. Right away I encountered —

Awkward Moment #2

I made EYE CONTACT with another man/boy, THIS one sitting at the computer, ready to check me out (can we pause at this moment to recognize the awkwardness that is THAT PHRASE?). And now that I had made eye contact, there was no backing out. There was no pretending I was just about to go find some more books — it was obvious I was done. So, I inwardly groaned and drug my feet to him, made myself smile and say:

“Hello! How are you — whoa!” My ‘whoa’ was directed at the tumbling books on the desk. “Sorry, there we go.”

“Dahboothindug…?” — this, the coherence that was his next statement.

As I told Jessica later, there’s a critical moment that follows an incomprehensible mumble; that being the decision. You can either ignore it, ask him to repeat himself, or assume that he said something…and go from there.

…I chose…probably unwisely…to ignore.

There is a delicate silence for a few moments, as his eyes dart around, then up to me, then down, then up again as he repeats, “Did you find everything alright?”

“Yes, I did, thanks!” I reply. NO acknowledgment that he had previously said anything at all.

“Oh, it’s saying that I need to confirm your email?” He asks hesitantly, looking at me quizzically.

SUUUURE IT IS, WEIRDO. Just kidding. I’d had a problem with this earlier. “Oh really? The last time I was here I reconfirmed it.”

“Oh, ok. Sorry. The person must not have entered it in. Vickie?” His eyes lock with mine.

Without a second of hesitation, I reply, “Yes.” In defense of my lie, I use my mom’s card, and he didn’t really ask if MY name was Vickie…right? But as soon as I said it, I prayed he wouldn’t look at the birth date on the computer. I don’t even look 19, much less 52. As soon as it escaped my mouth, though, my hand goes to my hospital badge, which CLEARLY has my picture and “Mindi” on the front. I close my hand around the revealing identification and, without being too hasty and drawing attention to it, I pull the necklace part over my head, wrap it up and shove it in my purse.

“I’m sure they just forgot to enter it.” He repeated himself, clicking a few things. …and then proceeded to check me out (can we pause YET AGAIN for the unavoidable awkward phrasing? Geez. Not implying anything, I promise.), not saying another word to me.

I wish I had something more entertaining to end this little anecdote on, but I can’t remember what he said after he was done. I know he told me when the books were due…and then something like, enjoy? Or, thanks for coming? Something that I was only able to say “thanks” to, and couldn’t return. Which, by the way, is:


But hey, Jess and I had a good laugh about it. And it’s a story….not one worth repeating, mind you, or one that was worth your time reading, haha, but I wanted to write SOMETHING today, and that’s what came to mind. :)