…for me at least, is WRITING. Unfortunately, I am not a tireless subject (lulz for irony).

I never get tired of talking about it. I never get tired of thinking about it…but I DO get tired of doing it. Writing, editing, re-writing, scrapping, restarting…it gets tiresome. And it’s difficult! And it’s taxing on the mind and emotions!

But it’s worth it…right?

I have many, many ideas. And now I’m not talking exclusively about writing, I mean my for my life.

I am full of good intentions. But you know what?

Good intentions are good for nothing.

It’s true. Good intentions mean NOTHING if nothing ever is done about them. Ideas are worthless. The product is the thing of value. I get so caught up in ideas; good ideas about “improving myself”, “getting more done”, or “being productive” but it means nothing! My follow through is severely lacking.

The truth right now is I’m frustrated with the sluggishness of my spiritual and personal growth. I’m a product of my generation: consumed with instant gratification. And I know that’s not good, I know that “these things take time”, but I want to be spiritually mature NOW. I want to write “The Great American Novel” NOW. I want to have a meaningful life NOW.

…I guess I just need to learn some patience and endurance.