Today…I have tweeted…a lot.

I’m becoming addicted.

Here’s the list of tweets I had today, and explanations (if needed). Explanations follow ———– and are enclosed in ( ). :)

  1. …dreams feel SO real sometimes…  —– (In reference to a dream I had about a BIG diamond ring, and running through a mall to show it off. Strange.)
  2. TODAY: I will take a walk. I will play guitar AND piano. I will read Desiring God. I will not drink excessive amounts of caffeine. The end. ——— (See #12)
  3. WHOA. Saw the sunshine outside and assumed it was nice outside. Opened the window…it’s FREEZING!  ——  (But it warmed up!)
  4. I am SO excited for SUMMER!! :D :D So many plans already!! I can’t wait! —— (Del-Haven! VBS! Ivy Bend! Michigan!)
  5. Took Career Direct today. It said I was supposed to be a FARMER?! WHAT?!?!?
  6. ….juuuust kiddding. hahah.
  7. Oh, I wasn’t kidding about taking Career Direct. Just the farming aspect…although, farming was in the top ten, believe it or not. —– (The test didn’t show anything surprising…but it was pretty fun to take!)
  8. Muahahah. Just did some super sekrit planning. Someone is going to be scared SPITLESS on his birthday. (MAN. Trying saying THAT 5x’s fast!) ———— (OHhhhh no you don’t. It’s a SEKRIT!!)
  9. Tragically, Kaylin is already more crafty than I will ever be. Ah, well. ——— (See #11)
  10. Just jumped up and down with joy because I finished washing and drying the dishes before a youtube video finished. Ahhhh #tweetaholic ———- (I totally did this — washed and dried the dishes in less than FOUR MINUTES. OH YEAH. AND they were clean. haha. …plus I acknowledged that I have a tweet addiction.)
  11. Kaylin’s craftyness: little balloon people!! :) aww.
  12. Walk? Check. Desiring God book? Check. Not too much caffeine? Check. Guitar and piano? Check. PLUS MORE. hah.