…listening to  Stacey Kent, while waiting for my tea to finish steeping. Trying to relax.

Had an emotional day today. Worked out for the first time in…oh my…I don’t know how long. Worked for my dad, changed my room around, did dishes (you laugh, but it took forever), practiced a lot of music, and tried to clear my mom’s dying computer of unused programs. Also, I made a VERY humbling confession, which was good for me, I suppose…but painful.

I’ve decided that the key to feeling productive is merely to make a to-do list. Not only will you achieve more, but every (PAUSE — the tea’s done :P …okay, back) time you cross something off your list it’s like taking a bite of chocolate. It’s THAT gratifying.

…side note. It’s a little pathetic how happy I get when a friend updates their facebook/twitter/blog. I LOVE it. It might have something to do with the fact that I’m living vicariously through others while I go through this…”calm” time. Haha.

So my sekrit (and yes, I DO know how to spell secret, haha, I just enjoy being…silly…sorry) plans failed, I think. Ah well. I’ll let you know what they were, I suppose, since they didn’t happy. Basically, I mentioned offhandedly to a friend last summer that I was going to scare him with a clown (he’s deathly afraid) sometime while he was at college…ALAS, even though I made covert plans with his roommate, he either:

  1. Forgot
  2. Couldn’t find any clown paraphernalia
  3. Thought it was a stupid idea didn’t do it (though he SAID it was hilarious and he would “try”

Ah well! I don’t really care, hahaha, there’s no way this friend would’ve remembered anyway. :P But now you know the sekrit!

I’ve moved on to Rosie Thomas in iTunes. If you don’t have any of her songs, it’s WORTH THE INVESTMENT. Right now I’m listening to “Guess it May”. I love “Finish Line”, too, “Say Hello”, “It Don’t Matter to the Sun”, “Since You’ve Been Around”, and so many more.

Ok, well, I guess it’s bedtime.

“Come on prove me wrong and tell me I’m no loner. And tell me I’m not crazy, or maybe just a little, maybe just a little bit crazy…but mostly prove me wrong!” — Mostly Prove Me Wrong, Fiction Family :)