I am going to make a list of 10 random thoughts. Ready?

  1. Tomorrow I am supposed to teach the theme song of VBS to the leaders! This should be fun! *crosses fingers*
  2. Tomorrow is the first day of The Truth Project in Sunday School (awesome), breakfast in SS (awesome), and the first day of Volleyball! YAY!
  3. I am listening to Copeland right now, who I’ve only recently discovered, and quite enjoy.
  4. Enjoyed playing tennis on Thursday night, but wish my skillz were a little…um…BETTER. Doubles is so much fun, though!
  5. Del-Haven training starts on Monday. I don’t know what to expect! I’m not entirely sure who’s going to be there, and what will be expected of me. Ah well! Should be a fun time, no matter what! :)
  6. …made myself some iced coffee today. Delicious!
  7. My Haiti friendship bracelet is falling apart. :(
  8. A friend of mine just finished recording a CD…and I really, really hope I get a copy. *wonders*
  9. “Ok, I look like an asparagus.” “…but a very CUTE asparagus!” “No, it’s ok…I’ll just wear my blue suit!”
  10. …our family is the proud new owners of an adorable new guinea pig named Caspian the 11th! He is precious, and it makes me happy to have an animal in the house again!