On Thursday I got home from Del-Haven training week.

I’m still recovering.

It was the lowest attendance I’ve ever seen to a training — there was really only two guys there, John and sometimes Nick. The rest were girls: Kendle, Allison, Emilie, Tory and Laura. The “head counselors” were Sheri and Jeff, as always. :) But regardless of the fact that there were only ten of us (if the people not staying overnight were there), it was still so much fun! …and super exhausting.

If we weren’t working around the camp, brainstorming ideas for crafts, skits, etc; we were playing intense games…like:

  1. Man-Hunt

Basically, man-hunt is freeze tag in the dark. Once you get frozen three times, you’re it. We played it in the dorm, and IT’S SO MUCH FUN. I’m a little too proud to admit that I was the only one that was never tagged. I kind of ROCKED at this game, haha. Pardon my pride — it’s just that I am NEVER the best at something. This is evidenced in the rest of the activities.

2.   Freeze tag

This is the real freeze tag. In the light. I sucked at this game. Not only was I one of the most out of shape counselors, I also had the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time….and was it (tagged three times) …twice. Haha. Regardless, it was amazing exercise.

3.   Swimming

On the first night, we went for a midnight swim — SO MUCH FUN. It was just a little chilly in the beginning, but after you got past the initial shock, it was fine. The stars are really clear at Del-Haven, since it’s pretty much out in the country, so it was amazing to just float on your back and see the stars above you. …we had a competition to see who could do the best cannonball…I lost. By a LONG shot. …plus, I’m embarrassed to admit I hold my nose when I jump into the pool. Yep. Judge. Mock. Scorn. Still, it was something I’d never done (gone for a midnight swim), so it was worth it.

4. Dodgeball

Yes, I throw like a girl. I had the worst aim/arm strength of anyone there, hahaha, but it was still amazing! We played in the basement of the dorm with “ball-pit balls”. The couches were arranged to divide down the center, and also two other rows set up as  “bunkers” for the opposing teams. I think we played for a total of two hours or so, and my arm is STILL sore. Two counselors got injured, which was crazy…and everyone was drenched in sweat.

I guess those are the main things we did. The planning/training was just like it was four years ago, so I don’t feel like I have much to say about that. OH. To add to the exhaustion, we stayed up ridiculously late every night. The first, it was 1 or 2 am. The second, I stayed up until 4 am, and three of the rest of the counselors stayed up all night. The final night we went to bed around 12. Every morning we woke up around 7 or 8, so there was no sleeping in. One night we watched The Dark Knight. One night we played board games. We swam quite a lot. Saw several HUMONGOUS wolf spiders (a little bigger than the size of my hand).

So yes. :) It was a fun week, but I’m glad to be home.

This Summer is going to be so busy. Three weeks of Del-Haven, one of VBS, one of Ivy Bend…and a few weeks in between of recovery. I’m actually a little worried, especially after this week took so much out of me.

Hopefully this will be a Summer of learning how to rely on God for all of my strength.