1. One of my old friends, Grace, got married today. (…and so it begins…)
  2. I’m doing something I thought I would never do right now — singing along to Bad Romance…but it’s by Glee, so it’s acceptable…right? :/
  3. I’m eagerly and somewhat impatiently waiting for the sequel to The Hunger Games, Catching Fire to get in at the library! It’s killing me that I’m that I’m number 253 (ahhhh). Also, the third book is due within the next month…so…yeah. I might cave and go buy it. :)
  4. I went to bed with wet hair last night, and the result this morning was chock-full of hilarity. Wish I had a picture for you, but just picture Jen Pringle from Anne of Avonlea….that was basically me.
  5. Went to Worlds of Fun yesterday! Mrs. Saylor texted Sierra half-way through the day and asked “Are you having worlds of fun?”. …We were.
  6. Darren gave me silly bands yesterday! YES. I got a guitar, mic, panther and a frog. I already traded the panther and the frog with Kaylin. It’s crazy how much fun those things are.
  7. I have my iTunes on shuffle and am forcing myself not to skip anything…because I’m trying to cure my musical ADD.
  8. I keep getting distracted. Right now I have tabs open for mlia and facebook. …just listened to Mine, Mine, Mine (from Pocahontas) with Kaylin. :)
  9. I can’t say I’m exactly thrilled that I’m going to Del-Haven next week, and that VBS is right after it. Thank goodness I had this whole week to recover from Ivy Bend, though. I don’t think I would’ve survived otherwise, haha.
  10. Kaylin’s looking at the Hercules soundtrack, and it made me remember that the first time I saw that movie was while I was babysitting, after I put the kids to bed. :) I miss babysitting. I haven’t in ages!

Ok, this is getting rather pointless, so I’m going to end it there, at 10. :) Hopefully I’ll have something of substance later.