I am in a bad mood. I am determined to change that.



Great friends, old stuffed animals (washed today!), silly bandz, jazz, comfort food, AVPS, rearranged room, Lucky the fishstick, Cabin Maple, Laura, Emma, watermelon creamslushes, inside jokes, youtube, twitter, facebook, pillows, the word “splendid”, Sheri’s coffee in the morning, hair already straightened, bags already packed, lists, saying “cuss” instead of actually cussing, Audrianna’s question, a letter on the way, an old photo album, What Wondrous Love is This, violin over, Fall on the way, my Mom, old favorite songs playing on the radio, a four day break from the internet (believe it or not, I actually enjoy being away from it!), The Lord’s Supper, this moon chair I’m sitting in, my new “Lists” journal, the promise of a hang-out next weekend, last night’s sunset, Jess’s show on Saturday, Japanese Cherry Blossom, the way one certain boy smells (NOT TELLING), a renewed fondness for pens, getting my Mom to like my music, hashtags, “*____*’s”, entertaining dreams (even if I CAN’T control them… ;) ), “I love pretty scenery!”, “IT’S SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE!”, ideas, sisters, “Ask and you will receive”.

I feel much better. :)