I’ll admit, I forgot about this. There’s been quite a bit of…shall we say…excitement in my life recently, so the last thing on my mind was Blog Every Day August. HOWEVER. I am going to do my best to blog every day, even if they’re short!

Today was….very long. We finally finished setting everything up for VBS, which is a relief. I had this (perhaps irrational) fear that we would be up at church at five in the morning, still feverishly working.

I’m going to steal an idea of another blogger who is doing BEDA, and use my senses as a blogging tool…soo. Ready?

Today, I saw: A boy who doesn’t normally dance, dance in a ballet style.

Today, I heard: This song:

Today, I touched: A boy’s hand accidentally. Several times, actually. Should that be awkward? Well in any case, IT WAS.

Today, I smelled: A lot of paint. Probably why I’m feeling just a little loopy.

Today, I tasted: A LOT of junk food. I need to go have a good dinner, now…so I’ll leave it here for now. :)