I’ve rediscovered today that it is dangerous for me to read first-person books. As soon as I put the book down, the writer in my head begins to narrate my own life in tragic, woe-begotten prose.

It’s kind of disgusting.

Also, today I went to the library in my plaid, long-sleeved flannel shirt and jeans. I got quite a few weird looks as it was 97 degrees. ALSO, it’s embarrassing to be carrying a shameful amount of books, forcing a teenage guy to begrudgingly open the door for you. That sentence was composed awkwardly, but I don’t care enough to rephrase it. *smiles*

To make a life lesson over something stupid (i.e., to blog — sorry, feeling cynical. It’ll pass.), I played ping-pong with my dad tonight. He beat me three times in a row. Now, I am an on-again off-again competitive person, depending on what we’re playing. Tonight, I wanted to winat least once. And to my utter humiliation, the frustration of the situation (hahhahaha…sorry once I wrote “frustration” I had to keep it going.) caused me to tear up. I don’t think/HOPE my dad didn’t notice, and I controlled it fairly easily, but it unsettled me. You think you’ve grown. You think you’ve grown enough that little things won’t bother you, that you can handle frustration maturely…and then, when something doesn’t go the way you expected…..BAM: You’re right back to that 8 year old who can’t say her memory verse right, and so dissolves into tears. I am referring, of course, to Amber, the lovely child I had the privilege of spending last week with. I would rather not dwell on the ten minutes I spent with her, as she broke down SOBBING every time she missed a word, so we’ll move on, leave this little life-lesson open ended. I’m not a big fan of stories that end with morals anyway.

Keep me in your prayers, if you think of me — I’m developing this wicked cough, and it couldn’t come at a worse time. VBS is looming in the morning, and Maranatha within the week…I would really appreciate prayer that it would either go away, unfulfilled, or that it would pass QUICKLY. *prays it’s not what the Wallace’s have*

Today, I saw: Sooooo muuuuch plaaaaaiiid.

Today, I heard: That someone asked Melody: “Are you and Darrell married?”

Today, I touched: A mic.

Today, I smelled: My new deodorant…which is disconcerting. I guess it’s good that I know it’s working, haha.

Today, I tasted: Amazing coffee, that wasn’t even from Starbucks. :) I’m finally learning. :P