Just wrote two VERY angsty tweets. Regretting it.

Today I woke up, and everything that was within me screamed “GO BACK TO BED!”. I ignored its advice.

Somehow, despite my growing feeling that I was getting sick, I was able to get through VBS with some resemblance of that one character quality, enthusiasm? We used to have fun together. But then there was this other friend, kind of a downer, sleep-depravity? Gets real jealous. You know the type.

Ultimately I know that it’s my fault that I haven’t gotten as much sleep as I apparently need, so I’ll stop the whining there.

Read another book in a day yesterday. Besides the side effect of schizophrenia (she stood next to her dad, slowly drying the dishes, earbuds sealing her off from the bitter world that took her friend away. The song reminded her so much of him.“MOM?!? MOM! I’M HEARING VOICES!”) I’m loving getting back into books.

Also, today, I voted. It’s true that I detest the game that grown-ups play, “politics”, but I still do think that as a citizen of the USA it’s my duty and privilege to vote for the person who is least likely to screw me over (remember when I said my cynical mood would pass? Hasn’t yet.). But hey, if nothing else, I got a sticker out of it. :)

Went shopping at three different places and didn’t get anything. I’m both disappointed that I didn’t find anything and happy that I didn’t spend money, haha.

Found out that I will be gone when Hannah leaves for UCM. I am SUPER, SUPER bummed about this, and Hannah — we MUST spend as much time together on Wednesday and Thursday as possible!!

“Love is a river that flows through, love never fails you. Love will sustain, love will provide, love will not cease at the end of time. …love still believes when you don’t.” – Brandon Heath, Love Never Fails

Today, I saw: This Julian Smith video.

Today, I heard: Someone say to me “Well, now, I was just thinking to myself — it’s about time for a lovely lady like you to walk in here!” Which was absolute crap, because mirrors exists and I’d just looked into one and #1, I was sweaty, #2, my hair was all…poofed, #3 I’d already cried twice that day, so my makeup was pretty much gone #4, I had old, comfy clothes on because I’d forgotten about voting, and #5 I was voting, so, I probably looked super uncomfortable.

Today, I touched: Origami paper as I folded a little paper jumping frog for Kaylin. I’d totally forgotten how fun those things are!

Today, I smelled: Egg sandwiches. Egg is not my favorite smell.

Today, I tasted: Probably the best rice crispy treat I have EVER had. They wrapped little black licorice strips around it to make it look like a hay bale. ADORABLE.