Had to go home unexpectedly from VBS…hated, HATED doing it. It also meant that I couldn’t hang out with Hannah, which was…awful. :(

Trying to make the best of it, and I don’t care HOW awful I feel tomorrow, I WILL BE THERE.

Today, I saw: Brandon Jones, dancing his HEART out to the Saddle Ridge Ranch theme song. Adorable :)

Today, I heard: The sound of my email notifier on my computer, which has only just now stopped scaring the living daylights out of me. It sounds like the sound they use in movies and on TV shows when a spotlight hits something the character loves, and there’s this sort of heavenly “ahhh”, harp and chime-type noises? Yeah, that’s what it sounds like. Every time I hear it I think God’s about to speak to me. hahaha, ok not really.

Today, I touched: My coffee mug. Kind of clung to it, actually, as if it were my last saving grace…I was hoping it would wake me up and soothe my throat. …I never finished that coffee (cue sad music :P).

Today, I smelled: My sheets…which I suppose means I was smelling the laundry detergent.

Today, I tasted: An…interesting concoction of honey and cinnamon that my mom says will help me get better faster. I still have my doubts.

Maybe there will be a longer post tomorrow…maybe. We’ll see. :)