Today was much better than yesterday. Tomorrow I leave for Michigan. I am slightly WORRIED, but trying to lean on God.

I’m trying to go to bed early, but things keep distracting me…

I had to say goodbye to Hannah today, and it wasn’t…enough. I didn’t get to hang out with her enough, talk with her enough, hug her enough. :( I’m going to miss you so much, Hannah!

Today, I saw: My piles of clothes being transferred from the floor of my room to my suitcase. Crazy how that suitcase shrinks when you start putting everything in. I am such a classic over-packing GIRL sometimes.

Today, I heard: Right now, the clinks and clanks and running of the water as my parents wash and dry dishes. It’s such a comforting sound to me. When I was little, Mom and Dad did the dishes right after the three of us girls went to sleep. Sometimes, Kari would nudge me and whisper “Let’s go be spies!”. We would crawl through the hall, doing our best to skip the squeaky spots, and sneak as close to the kitchen as possible before we were caught. Sometimes we would get all the way to the island in the kitchen before we were found out…though…it may just have been because Mom and Dad were humoring us. :)

Today, I touched:

Today, I smelled: So many different scents at Bath and Body Works with Hannah and Jess! So glad I got to spend one last afternoon with Hannah, short as it may have been.

Today, I tasted: Lemon tea with honey in it. :) Supposedly it’s good for the throat.

Oh, before I go, quick story — today during missions time, Jake sat next to me. So (NATURALLY) Bethany, who was sitting on my lap, turns to me and asks “are you two in LOVE?”. I quickly said “No! He has a girlfriend!”. Jake, who hadn’t heard exactly what she’d asked, made her repeat the whole thing, and I quickly added “And his girlfriend’s really nice. And cool!”. Jake added, “She’s very cool.” and then, a slightly horrified look on his face, he said “Not that Melinda’s not cool…or anything…it’s just that Rachel…”. I shushed him. Of COURSE he should have a higher opinion of his girlfriend than me! I would be worried if he didn’t! Girls are so easily offended, it’s sad that guys have to be walking on eggshells around us…though, I suppose it’s better than the alternative.