Last night was so great.

I went on a date with my dad, to Mardel, to see if any positions were open, then to the library, then to Wal-Mart. Ok, writing it out like that it doesn’t sound that great, BUT IT WAS.

Something my dad said made me so happy, even though it was little…he said “You look like you’ve aged 3 years in two weeks!”; which to most people wouldn’t be a compliment, but since I get told I look 12 on a regular basis I LOVED it.

Also, I got some books that were recommended to me from someone at Maranatha. They’re classics, which is good — I’ve needed someone to give me a kick in the pants to read them. I’m really loving it so far!

I talked to my parents about jobs last night at dinner, and it was really encouraging. They’ve told me that they’ll back me wanting to pursue music…which is something I never thought I’d hear them say. I can’t express the FREEDOM this gives me. I thought that if I wanted to do it, I would have to support myself, and only do it with a partial blessing from them — but no! I….ahhhhhh…I just can’t put into words how wonderful it was to hear that. Even if I never get anywhere, even if I’m not “good enough”, to have my parent’s go-ahead means the world to me.

*smiles contentedly*

Today, I saw: So many people on skype. Ok, so I saw their WORDS, but it’s the same thing. Had the best talk with Hannah EVER. It was so encouraging and…well…exciting! I can’t explain.

Today, I heard: The attic fan, because the weather is actually nice!

Today, I touched: My family’s piano. *love* I’m going  to really miss it when I’m not at home anymore…if I’m EVER not at home anymore.

Today, I smelled: Old library books. It takes me back, every time.

Today, I tasted: Mac and Cheese! So disgustingly delicious. :P