Had another wonderful day at work today — oh how I love saying that, haha. I talked to Mrs. Jackson today about (hopefully) making this more of a permanent part-time thing, so we’ll see.

Jessica is coming over tonight to watch Hardy Boys and to make brownies — yay! Even though we were at Maranatha together, I still feel like we haven’t talked a whole lot lately.

I got to watch Finding Neverland with my mom last night, which was so much fun. There isn’t usually a chance for us to watch an “adult” movie, since Kaylin is usually around (not that this was much of an “adult” movie, haha, but still).

OH, today, Pastor reminded me that I look like Susan — for about the fifth time, haha. I’m not sure if he just forgets that he’s told me that, or if it just tickles him so much that he feels the need to say it again. It’s fine with me, it just makes me laugh that he’s told me so many times. :)

I’m listening to Imogen Heap right now — love her so much. I’m listening to this song:

I really wish I had some important topic to discuss. OH! I DO have one! Or at least it’s important to me. Mrs. Jackson asked me to proof read the announcement insert in the bulletin today, and in it I found this (loosely quoted): “Please attend the “Garage Giveaway,” put on by ISI….”. Now notice that the comma is INSIDE the quotations. Heaven help me, I don’t know if I’m remembering wrong, but I could SWEAR I was taught that if quotations enclose a title, the comma should be OUTSIDE of the quotes…so that’s what I told Mrs. Jackson. It turned into such a debacle (I promise I was never rude or disrespectful, I was just certain I was right :/) that Mrs. Jackson showed me (in a small pamphlet about grammar for secretaries) that I was wrong. Ahhhhhh. Now, I know I’m a little hazy on comma usage, and I’m sure I split my infinitives like crazy — but I was SURE about this one thing! ….so. Which way were you taught? Because I researched it online once I got home, and sure enough; the comma should go inside the quotations.

*brushes up on grammar*

Well, anyway. I hope you can forgive my brief nerdiness.

I did, however, CORRECTLY add a missing comma from the bulletin. Is it wrong that I was happy I found something…wrong? :)

Today, I saw: That my new-ish shirt bled black dye onto my white cami….AGAIN. I’ve never had this happen before! So frustrating.

Today, I heard: The Imogen Heap song I linked in here. Beautiful.

Today, I touched: The secret copier in the computer room at Church. It’s so much faster than the other copiers, it’s amazing.

Today, I smelled: Freshly printed fliers for the bulletin. It smells like ink, new paper and….heat.

Today, I tasted: Ritz crackers for the first time in a while — so delicious!