Here’s a quick summary of what I did at Maranatha! :) Maybe I’ll expand it some other time.

Saturday: Sick, breakfast, talking with Josh a lot (lack of guitar skills, talking about Alex and Collin) feeling alone, Grand Haven, Charly, Lebanon, Jena, beach, fireworks (drunk guy, me playing with rocks, sitting on the dock and swinging our feet), LATE NIGHT at the beach, singing under the stars – how could I forget to talk about that? That was the MAIN THING, haha.

Sunday: Leaving Josh and Jena alone, no breakfast, church – COLLIN SITS NEXT TO ME, so funny, first impression of Cami, guitar practice with Josh, “brunch”, hanging out in the commons with Jena, Josh, and Gary, Josh goes with Grandparents, Jena and I go to the beach, bye to Jena, no dinner, FIRST PRACTICE, with violin and guitar, awkwardness (sitting behind Vienna and Cami, then sitting with them – awkward conversation about Josh, hahaha), FIRST PERFORMANCE (screwed up violin part), Cami making hilarious faces at me, back to Lebanon, being a recluse, eating my salad from the day before, Vienna inviting me to the teen bonfire, Mike talking about perfect dates at the bonfire, walking back with Jaz, taking off make-up then Josh skipping LOST to take me to the grocery store, making it back just before midnight…did I go to bed, then? I think so. I remember feeling so desperately homesick, something I’d never felt before.

Monday: Woke up early-ish for teen worship practice. Started to really like Cami. Said goodbye to Mrs. Staley. My voice wasn’t doing too well, so I guzzled tea.  I got to sing on half of the songs!! I think we went back to Lebanon after that, and Vienna and Cami hung out at the beach, maybe? We probably started watching Lord of the Rings then – YES, we did, cause I only sort of kind of watched while Gary and them did, and then we restarted on Tuesday. Collin said to Cami and I that night “You two ladies are looking lovely this evening. CRACKED. ME. UP. The performance went really well, thank goodness. The service was a little strange – the one on the reformation. That’s when I started getting worried about the speaker. We were in the outside of the Tab, and were a little late in getting back on the stage. Then there was a practice afterwards (I couldn’t get I Sing the Mighty Power of God, and had a little temper tantrum (difficult to explain)…embarrassing, but got to hang out with Cami, and REALLY started to like her). Went back to Leb, tons of people had ice cream. and then we watched LOST! I sat with Vienna, I remember, it was hilarious how into it she gets. Josh said I was his LOST buddy. They talk through the entire thing. Love it — which is rare, cause I usually get annoyed when people talk during movies, haha.

Tuesday: No practice in the morning because of the Women’s Breakaway thing. I hung out with Josh for awhile, I think, watched some of LOTR, maybe? Watched Stomp The Yard and LOTR. Had a long devotion on the beach and it was EMPTY. Adored that. Had dinner with everyone right before practice…? For the first time? I think? Yes, I think that was the day that I got scared by a leaf, and Gary said “I was going to make a snide comment, but I figured I would be nice instead,” Then a good performance, I think. OH, this was the night when Cami smelled Vienna’s journal, which she said smelled like dog crap, hahaha. Loved that night. We laughed through the whole thing – at the speaker, more often than not. Got back to Lebanon, changed, went down to the beach, Cami and I. She was easy to talk to, but we didn’t HAVE to talk. Got eaten ALIVE by bugs. Then, we went to the staff party, and I was FREAKING EMBARRASSED by Josh, who started saying that I sent him mixed signals…IN FRONT OF EVERYONE. Classy. Josh got pushed into the pool. I bonded with Alyssa a little more. Watched LOST, and that was when the Collin incident happened, where he thought I was Vienna, hahaha. “You’re single, right?’ “Not for you I’m not!”

Wednesday: EARLY PRACTICE. Rainy day. Josh was late. We went in our PJ’s. I apologized to Collin. Josh’s music that day, which was cool. This was one of the best days ever, we ate breakfast, and Alex and Collin teased Cami for not cuddling with them. Then, once we got back, we watched LOTR, and then took naps, and then food was brought to us!! Amazing! I think we might’ve watched more LOTR, and then people separated and did stuff – like riding in an airplane. I just went to the beach, read a little, then went to dinner, the cookout? Where I sat with Vienna and Cami. …then straight to practice. The worship was AMAZING that night. Loved it.   Then we went back to Lebanon, changed, and had a devotion, I think? After, we went back, and there was that awkward moment where Alex wouldn’t let me sit by him and Alyssa because he was saving it for Mariah.

Thursday: Teen worship. Went to breakfast. Went to practice. Was so much fun, danced a lot with Cami to I have Decided to Follow Jesus. Had an extra practice for Sunday. Watched some of LOTR. I went to the beach. Read some. Got that compliment from the missionary that I didn’t know how to handle. Got to play piano in the Tab, which was AWESOME. Dinner…I don’t remember much. We went to practice, which was so/so, then all chilled at Lebanon for quite a while before we went to worship. Worship was a train wreck, I can’t remember why. OH. I did the prelude. And it was AWFUL. Then I just didn’t sing well. I have decided to follow Jesus Charly didn’t think went too well. He flung all the music off the stand at the end, balled it up and threw it at the pews. Came back, talked with Cami and Jaz for a long time. Then we moved out to the common room and talked. Loved this part, though I don’t remember everything we talked about. Finally, we went to get ice cream. Went back, talked some more. Anyway, eventually the Staley’s came. Said goodbye to Cami. We walked to the beach, talked, then talked in the back hallway.

Friday:  Breakfast by myself, Jess didn’t want to pay the outrageous amount of money. Then went to teen worship at the prayer tower = amazing. Then went down to the beach with the Staley’s, went to lunch with them. Went shopping…? I think? When we got back, Jess and I sat on the playground and talked a little bit. Then I went to dinner, and let them go to dinner by themselves. Ate dinner with Melissa. I went with Alyssa and played Four-square with Alex and Mike, while Collin and Vienna practiced music for the wedding the next day. Staley’s came back, and Jess and I decided to go to Meijer with Josh instead of going to the beach, which was fine.

Saturday: Slept in a little, went to breakfast and sat with Mrs. Sommers. Everyone went to the wedding. Went back to the beach, Jess and I swang, had a lovely conversation. The flag was red that day, choppy waters. Josh had to clean rooms. Ate with Jess, wanted to go to the bookstore but it was closed, we talked. We went to Taco Bell, Mr. Staley wouldn’t let me pay again. Came back, helped with cleaning. Offered to watch boys, did, went to dinner with Staleys. Jess and I went to the beach to take pictures. Came back. Watched LOST. Went to bed a little earlier than the rest.

Sunday: Got up early, went to practice, felt weird without Cami there. Didn’t have breakfast. Church was good, though I felt like the worship was a little lacking. Messed up violin AGAIN. Ugghh. Said goodbye to Collin. Thanked Charly. Packed the rest of my stuff up, said goodbye to Jaz, she asked me to come and visit her. Said goodbye to the people in the common room. Said goodbye to Vienna, sat in car, ate at that wonderful burger place, Butler’s Burgers? Slept a lot on the way back. Talked to Hannah. Home at 12 something?

So there you go! Probably a lot of detail you couldn’t care less about, haha, but I guess this is just my immediate memories…maybe I’ll make it more entertaining to read some other time.

P.S. I like traditions, but I’m not opposed to change, so…I’m going to stop signing my posts with “…lindy”. Kthxbai.